Infusions made easy

Oil, Butter, and Tincture

  • Preset temperatures, time, and agitation.

  • Adjust the presets to dial in the perfect brew, or just set it and forget.

DIY mode

  • 90°F-300°F

  • 1-48 hour brews

  • Configurable agitation rates

  • Precision temperature control

Precision temperature control

  • Accurate +-5°F

Removable mixing paddle

  • Non-stick easy clean surface

  • Slow stirrer for non-aggressive mixing

  • Adjustable agitation interval and duration

Removable non-stick bowl

  • 5L capacity

  • Supports 1-8 liquid cups min/max

  • Machine washable

Decarboxylate in the machine



*Mesh Strainer Included for easy filtering